• by Steve Hickey – Designer, Fresh Tilled Soil

    ​A live interactive class by Steve Hickey, UI designer & developer at Fresh Tilled Soil. Steve is a craft beer aficionado, 10K runner-in-the-making, and UI design whiz. His finger is always on the pulse of UI/UX advances, making him the go-to guy to find out what’s next in design innovation.

    This class is for every designer, developer or marketer looking to learn more about UX practices and methods. Website, web application, and native app design have come a long way from the brochureware of the past decade. Learning how to make applications attractive to users is not about trendy fonts and pretty pictures. It requires a deep understanding of the user’s needs and behavior.

    This class will teach you the skills to research, model and validate your ideas against best practice and user feedback.

    You will learn:

    • What is user experience design
    • Principles of user experience design
    • Effective methods for crafting an experience
    • Artifacts of an experience design process:
      • Definition statements
      • User types & user personas
      • User stories & features
      • Site maps & user journeys
      • Sketching/ wireframing
      • Prototyping
      • User testing
    • What to build and why

    After this class you will know why user experience matters; how to employ an efficient and user-centered design process, and most importantly: how to create designs that are intuitive, simple and customer centered.

    Steve Hickey
    1.5 hours
    May 14
    Steve Hickey

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