• by Joe Stump – Founder, Sprint.ly

    A ​2 hour online class by Joe Stump, a seasoned technical leader and serial entrepreneur. He is founder of Sprint.ly, former lead architect of Digg and advisor of many startups and companies.

    Back by popular demand, this class is for every founder, marketer or product manager that wants to learn the methods to enable growth in a startup or traditional company. Although every company desires growth, startups especially are designed to grow fast. ‘Growth Hacking’ is a 2 hour online class about the essential techniques to enable rapid growth.

    Joe will cover the available tools and why each is important, how they configured them at Sprint.ly, how to run tests and interpret the results and share some examples where they have seen success from growth hacking. After this class you can immediately start improving your product and growing your user base.

    Joe Stump
    2 hours
    March 19
    Joe Stump

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