• by Tim Wright – Developer, Fresh Tilled Soil

    A 1.5 hour class by Tim Wright, senior front-end developer at Fresh Tilled Soil. Tim is a frequent speaker, blogger, article writer, and published author. He recently wrote a book on JavaScript: Learning JavaScript: A Hands-On Guide to the Fundamentals of Modern JavaScript.

    As we step further down the path of responsive design we begin to expose new and exciting problems, which help define the future of user experience on the Web. Problems centering around asset management (like images) have come to the forefront and pushed us to discover new solutions that guide us to exposing what, “crafting a user experience” really means. This not only applies to how we view user experience but also how the user views it, and how to attain those goals without losing our minds.

    This class is for every designer or developer who wants to learn how to develop and design responsively. In this class we’ll look at how we arrived at responsive design as a solution, which problems it solves, and its role in our broader goal to create a truly context-aware design and development model. We’ll talk about the path we’re moving down, where we can push it to the next level, and most importantly, how to get there.

    Required knowledge:
    Strong knowledge of CSS and HTML. Preferably Javascript.

    You will learn:

    • Basic overview of responsive design and why most people are utilizing this
    • Specific process to follow when implementing a responsive website
    • How to use CSS3 media queries to develop a responsive website
    • How to create and code fluid layout systems
    • How to create a website or an app for a device that has not been developed yet
    • How to use various methods in advanced responsive design techniques
    • How to adapt your designs to your customers’ use cases
    Tim Wright
    1.5 hours
    May 29
    Tim Wright

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