• by Alex Barrera – Founder, Press42

    Alex Barrera, a seasoned startup mentor and serial entrepreneur. He is founder of Press42.com, co-founder of Startup Bootcamp Europe and Global Shaper of the World Economical Forum.


    this 2 hour interactive online class is for every business that wants to get noticed. There is nothing moer powerful than illustrating your product with a story. Stories appeal to our human side, generate impact and stay with us forever. Everyone remembers Cinderella, how many remember your startup or product?

    Alex will cover the basics on how to build a storyline. What is a story, what parts does it have and how to mix them to write powerful and inspirational stories. After this class you can immediately start crafting powerful stories that move journalists and make them write about you.


    Alex Barrera
    1.5 hours
    February 19
    Alex Barrera

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